90C Rosé

90croseBright pink with light cherry undertones, this 100% Sangiovese Rosé showcases an incredibly bright pink color. On the palate, the wine is well-balanced with notes of raspberry, pomegranate and strawberry. 90C Rosé displays a very distinct freshness on the palate. Although the wine is light, there is structure and a remarkably pleasant bouquet rich with hints of wild strawberry and rosehip.

The vineyard is located at an altitude of 400 m above sea level with soil that is clay-calcareous. Harvest is done by hand from the end of August thru the beginning of September. The vinification process includes pressing the grapes immediately and let it rest for 12 hours at an approximate temperature of 5°C/41°F. The fermentation is complete after approximately 20 days and then the wine continues ageing on fine lees for 3 months. It is bottled in February and released 4 months later.

With its 11% volume and the uniqueness of 90 calories per serving, it is an excellent aperitif. 90C also pairs beautifully with fresh cheeses and desserts.

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